Here at Fiddler’s Knoll Farm we grow a wide variety of beautiful cut flowers for any occasion.  Our hand-picked bouquets combine a unique selection of fresh, local, seasonal blooms that reflect our commitment to keeping the land productive and healthy.

Growing flowers began as an extension of our other farming pursuits: creating an orchard, tending our vegetable gardens and raising sheep and chickens. What began as a fledgling experiment took root and now flowers have taken over the farm.

We love to share the abundance of our gardens – and the history of the farm – with the community. Stop in, have a stroll down the rows, and see what’s growing!

A Sense of Place

The first time my husband and I stepped foot on this historic property we could sense its unique nature. Established in 1761 and located in the ‘Intervale’ of New Gloucester on the lines of the Grand Trunk and Maine Central Railroad, the farm specialized in raising draft horses and was a thriving part of the local agricultural community.

Its classic New England structures, set on a knoll above the surrounding hay meadows, offered expansive views of the valley—and the promise of great sunsets.

Built in the 1850’s, the 3-story “high drive bank” barn featured a granite ramp built on its gable end. While designed to take advantage of the slope and make farm chores simpler, this ‘bridge to the barn’ added a lovely architectural elegance and strength –both a handsome and handy feature!

Fiddler's Knoll Farm

Years of neglect had left their mark however, and its foundation, originally built on a base of split granite and stone, was crumbling. Restoration seemed daunting. But we were determined to try to bring back a sense of the rustic beauty and grandeur of the farm.

For twenty years we’ve been fortunate to call this special place our home. We’ve raised three fiddle-playing kids, an eclectic mix of two and four legged friends, garden produce, countless dozens of eggs and replaced our share of rotten clapboards. Raising our family on the farm, growing our own food, and sharing the farm with others has been a true gift.

And we believe we have accomplished our goal – to preserve and honor the original integrity of Fiddler’s Knoll Farm. Both the sunsets and the flowers are glorious!

Fiddler's Knoll Farm
Fiddler's Knoll Farm


58 Woodman Rd
New Gloucester, ME 04260